5 useful tips for When your best friend has a boyfriend.

According to some not-so-trustworthy source, when a person gets into a relationship, he/she loses two friends. Now, this might not be true, but when the person is your best friend can you really risk it? I mean you have already planned all the seven functions of her wedding. Although your prayers have always included a boyfriend for her, when she does get one, everything changes. And here are 5 useful tips  that you might be useful to maintain peace in your so called happy world.



Accept the fact that your best friend has a boyfriend.She is no longer going to listen to sad single songs. In fact get ready to listen to all the love songs in the world all the time .And when she gets into a fight, get ready for breakup songs.

Also, She is not going to watch all the movies with you.And be ready for her phone being busy almost all the time.

But do not get angry.Accept it and be happy for her.(Or not but like fake it .)



judgind done

Obviously she would want you to meet him.And during the meet, as the best friend, it is your duty to have double personality disorder . First you will have to be ‘the detective’. Get your Castle and Sherlock mode on. Analyse him.Do make notes in your phone.

But once he has passed the ‘best friend’s boyfriend exam’ which is basically to see if he makes her happy,  it is time to embrace your second personality ,that is, being ‘The helper’.It is your duty to be on friendly terms with him.Because if everything goes well,  you are gonna plan some major surprise parties together.If not, your best friend will always have to keep her two worlds separate, as you two didn’t get along. SAD 😦


bf prob

Earlier the problems you use to discuss  included parent problem, study problem, weight problem, period problem, liking groot more than star lord problem. (Among others). Get ready for a problem that is going to dominate most of your discussions, that is, THE BOYFRIEND PROBLEM. It will be a mixture of lack of attention, jealousy, possessiveness, decision making, wand problem.(Among others.)

Now the thing is, you will have to listen to her.As her bestie it your duty to guide your best friend. I mean who else is she going to go to? Her Parents? Did you just say yes????!!!!! Okay you were being sarcastic. Almost gave me a heart attack .*phew*



third wheel

Do not force yourself on your best friend and her boyfriend. Do not mingle in their plans. Give them their space. If she makes plans with her boyfriend and doesn’t want you to there, well you will just have to kind of roll with it. (Get it?Cause you are a wheel)



There might come a time when you would think that your best friend doesn’t need you anymore. Or you might feel lonely. If she is really your best friend, she will understand . Other times you will have to take the high road and ignore certain petty, pitiful feelings.(petty pity petty pity hehe. Oh alliteration. You crack me every time.)

Trust me, when you will have a boyfriend she will also be there for you. If not, well, then make her read this.


Hope this helps!




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