5 animated characters that taught us life hacks.

I like people who like animated movies. Most animated movies have innovative story line and really memorable characters. Here are five amazing animated characters that taught us certain valuable lessons about life:




Olaf taught us so many things. Ironic how snow can be so warm. Olaf is the perfect example of how a friend should be. Telling Anna to run when he thinks Kristoff is crazy, giving honest love advice and trying to stop the ice troll ten times his size.

While there are speculations that Olaf is always high on ice pot, I just like to believe that he is a very positive snow man.



In the first movie Tinkerbell isn’t thrilled to be the fairy of pots- and-pans (Talent of making and fixing things). But when she embraces her talent, she is able to save Spring. And who doesn’t love spring?

Also she taught us that if life gives you leaves, turn them into fabulous dresses.



Even though he gets left behind by his family, he makes his own herd. Quoting from The Spy Next Door,”Family isn’t whose blood you carry, it is who you love and who loves you.”

“He is the gooey, sticky… stuff that holds us together” said Diego in Ice Age:The Meltdown. I remember Ross said the same thing to Monica in Friends, in a less gross way.




Crush,  the tortoise from Finding Nemo. He taught us the importance of letting your kids go. Only when kids face a challenge on their own, will they be able to learn from it.

Crush is Parenting goals. (Here is a sentence I never thought I would use.)



This Guy from Snuggly Duckling in the movie Tangled taught us that looks can be deceiving. And that having a hobby or dream can really put people’s time into better use!

So if there is more employment, people’s empty mind won’t become a devil’s snare.

Deep right? And you thought Tangled is all about selling shampoos.



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