You lied about it.

It is okay.

The day is the same.



It is not like the phone doesn’t buzz anymore,

It does;

I just forget it’s not you.

And the tiny fraction of happiness,

Becomes too heavy.


It is not like I don’t have other things to think about,

I do;

You are too stubborn to leave my mind,

My eyes stare in an empty space,

Too scared to hope.


It is not like people aren’t a distraction,

They are;

But the air doesn’t fix the numbness and

Breathing is difficult.


You weren’t a dream right?

No your letters make you real,

And the mid finished crossword.

You forgot to clean the shelf again.

And your sweater, Yes well it helps me cry.

It’s not like the first time they absorbed my tears.


These photographs keep reminding me of

The memories that do not need a reminder.

And the mention of your name,

It brings me right to the ground and shatters every bit of strength I poured into standing up.


A scream of pain,

Followed by a hollow chest,

Sleepless nights,

and You know what,

It’s okay.




Just a part of me died that day with you,

And the remaining is stuck in the moment I saw you.

For the last time,

In a loop,





5 Errors that should be avoided on First Dates

You know how people say that first impression is the last impression. Well that isn’t true. Although they are really important. I mean your first date could be a ‘how I met your mother/father’ story or it may be something that will make you avoid that person for the rest of your life. In other miracles, it could also be just a normal date. But in order to avoid the worst case scenario, here are 5 useful tips for your first date.
Is being naked an option? Sadly, no. Hence you will have to choose an outfit. Wear something comfortable and not too dressy. Whatever you decide, decide it one night before. Let’s face it, that is the toughest decision one has to make and the decision consumes one whole life.


the place.jpg
Choose a place which is in your territory. Avoid any restaurant which you are not familiar with. Because then you will lose home advantage. You may not know what food is on the menu, is the place pleasant or shady, do you eat from your mouth, etc
Also if you sweat like a pig, choose an air conditioned restaurant/cafe.

My advice would be to eat something in advance so that you do not eat like a gorilla in front of your date with your stomach growling and shaking the whole place. Avoid ordering food that is dipped in sauce like pasta because it has the risk of falling on your clothes. If you order pizza, limit the oregano and flakes as they get stuck in your front teeth.(Damn it, oregano ,why you do this!)
Side tip: Always carry chewing gums.
First dates can be really awkward as you do not know what to talk about. In most of the cases, first date is also the first time you are meeting the person. Avoid detailed discussions about exes on your first date. Talk and listen as much as you can to break the ice. Or else the silence won’t go away.

the talk
Yes you should be yourself but try to dial down the crazy. Talk more about your interest and hobbies. Talk less about your love for random things like sugar cubes. If the date goes well, you have ample of time to show him/her your crazy side. (slowly-slowly)
How you pay is totally up to you. Since it is the first date, I think it is best that you pay for yourself. If you do have a future with your date, you can decide your turns of payment accordingly.

If you think that the awkward part is over, your are highly mistaken. When it is time to say goodbye, things get weird. You do not know whether to shake hands, hug, kiss or tap each other on the back like football players. I would say, it totally depends on your comfort level and on how the date went. Since you do not want invade the other person’s personal space, it is always better to speak than to touch. ‘This was fun. I had a good time. I don’t think you even noticed that I farted.See you soon. Goodbye!’

Hope that helped!


Errors and Hacks

Ever felt like your life could be categorized under two things?
Errors:The loopholes of life you cannot understand.
Hacks:Some living formulas or mantras that you have which makes it possible for you to live your life.ERROS AND HACKS

Errors of life are when google maps show no traffic but traffic finds you anyway.
It is when you promise to stay on a diet but ERROR 101 your taste buds are unhappy with only salad.Even your tummy protests.
It is when you forget simple things for the 50th time.

Hacks are when you have more knowledge than g maps and you reach office or college before the given time.
It is when you find those yummy-healthy dish combo that makes both the taste buds and the mirror happy-happy.
It is when you score the highest by studying the least.

On my blog I will be sharing certain errors and hacks that I have observed through my 18 years of life.
Maybe you agree with them!Maybe you have your own!
Let us find out!